Cawdor Castle, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness and Loch Ness
Cawdor Castle, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness and Loch Ness
Cawdor Castle, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness and Loch Ness

Cawdor Castle, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness and Loch Ness (includes Outlander filming locations)

This tour is specially designed for those who love films, fame, legends and the magic of Scottish history.  


We aim to give you a full day of adventure and enjoyment, making you as comfortable as possible. We hope you will return again and again to visit the Scottish Highlands, as this is all but a taster session, although you will have plenty of time to experience every aspect of the Thistle tour.

What's included in the price?

Adult £69, Child £59 (includes entrance to 2 castles). Water refreshments will be provided on the coach, as well as waterproof rain macs should you require one. 

Tour Timings

Bus departs at 9.00am. Returns at least 1 hour before ship departure. Tour is 7-8 hours long.

Cawdor Castle

Visit inside and outside Cawdor Castle including magnificent gardens and maze. (Entrance is included.) Cawdor Castle was made famous by William Shakespeare’s ‘MacBeth’. This is a medieval furnished lived in castle. 1.5 hours 

Culloden Viaduct

Pass by Culloden viaduct. Built in 1893 for trains and still used to this day. 

Culloden Battlefield

Visit Culloden battlefield, free to roam the battlefield or visit shop and restaurant. Small entry charge if you wish to go right into visitor centre to re-live the battle from 1746.

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Prices: Adult - £69, Kids - £59

03 April 2020MSC Magellan09:00Details
07 April 2020AIDAcara10:00Details
18 April 2020AIDAcara10:00Details
05 May 2020MSC Splendida08:30Details
06 May 2020Viking Jupiter09:00Details
08 May 2020Norwegian Star10:00Details
12 May 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
15 May 2020Mein Schiff 409:00Details
15 May 2020Marco Polo13:00Details
16 May 2020MSC Splendida09:00Details
19 May 2020Norwegian Jade08:30Details
20 May 2020AIDA Bella12:00Details
23 May 2020Norwegian Star08:45Details
24 May 2020Regal Princess09:30Details
24 May 2020MS Deutschland09:30Details
26 May 2020Mein Schiff 309:00Details
27 May 2020AIDAcara09:00Details
28 May 2020Viking Jupiter09:00Details
28 May 2020Silver Whisper10:00Details
02 June 2020Norwegian Jade10:00Details
05 June 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
06 June 2020MSC Preziosa09:00Details
09 June 2020MS Veendam10:00Details
10 June 2020Silver Whisper09:00Details
13 June 2020Mein Schiff 309:00Details
16 June 2020Seabourn Quest09:00Details
17 June 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
19 June 2020Columbus08:30Details
25 June 2020AIDAcara08:30Details
27 June 2020Wind Surf09:00Details
28 June 2020Wind Surf09:00Details
29 June 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
03 July 2020Viking Star09:00Details
04 July 2020Seven Seas Navigator00:00Details
08 July 2020Ms Rotterdam08:30Details
09 July 2020MS Europa09:30Details
09 July 2020MS Veendam09:30Details
11 July 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
13 July 2020Columbus09:00Details
13 July 2020AIDAcara09:00Details
13 July 2020Black Watch09:00Details
14 July 2020MS Zuiderdam08:30Details
16 July 2020MSV Magellan08:30Details
17 July 2020Black Watch09:00Details
22 July 2020Seven Seas Navigator09:00Details
23 July 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
26 July 2020MSC Preziosa09:00Details
27 July 2020Mein Schiff 308:30Details
27 July 2020Celebrity Reflection08:30Details
29 July 2020Viking Jupiter09:00Details
31 July 2020Oceania Marina09:00Details
02 August 2020Merella Explorer09:00Details
03 August 2020AIDAcara09:00Details
04 August 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
05 August 2020Queen Victoria08:30Details
06 August 2020MS Zuiderdam08:30Details
08 August 2020Mein Schiff 309:00Details
13 August 2020MS Nieuw Amsterdam08:30Details
14 August 2020Seven Seas Navigator09:00Details
15 August 2020P&O Arcadia09:00Details
16 August 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
18 August 2020AIDAvita09:00Details
20 August 2020AIDA Bella09:00Details
23 August 2020Azaramara Quest09:00Details
24 August 2020AIDAcara09:00Details
26 August 2020Mein Schiff 309:00Details
27 August 2020CMV Marco Polo09:00Details
27 August 2020MSC Preziosa12:30Details
28 August 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
02 September 2020MS Rotterdam08:30Details
06 September 2020Seabourn Ovation09:00Details
07 September 2020Norwegian Star09:00Details
10 September 2020MSC Magellan09:00Details
16 September 2020Ms Rotterdam08:30Details
17 September 2020Oceana Sirena08:30Details
19 September 2020Norwegian Star09:00Details
21 September 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
01 October 2020Norwegian Star09:00Details
03 October 2020Regal Princess09:00Details

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