How can I book these tours?

You may book online, which guarantees your place.

Or you may book on the day in our booking office at 64 High Street, Invergordon IV18 0DH…however please do not risk this if you definitely want one of our tours, as they sell out quickly.


Are these tours only open to visitors from cruise ships?

Absolutely not. Although our tours have been designed to be perfect for visitors whose cruise ships stop at Invergordon, we welcome any tourist who wants to discover more about local history and the many local, iconic, Scottish sights.


Will my Tour Guide be able to speak my language?

All the German ships for Tour 1 (Harry Potter, Madonna, Whisky) are guided with our Swiss guide, who is a fluent German and English speaker, except for unforeseen circumstances.  If this changes we will notify you in advance.

As a new company we are looking to recruit Spanish and Italian speaking guides for our 2020 tours.  All our other tours are in English.  However, we will provide you with a written translation for you to read at your leisure whilst on your coach.


What constitutes a child price?

Children under 16 qualify for a child price.  Babies or toddlers under 3 can sit on your knee and therefore will not be charged, if you are willing to accept this.


Will there be toilet stops?

The coach or vehicle will not be driving for more than 45 minutes at any one time, so toilet stops will be at our venues.


Will refreshments be provided?

Refreshments are available to purchase at our most locations.   There will be plenty of choice.


Where will I get onto my coach?

Your tour guides will meet you across from the port gates.  It will be a short walk or shuttle to the tour coach.  If you have booked a private tour in a car of 8 seater they are parked very nearby.  If you get lost ask anyone or you may walk to the Thistle Excursions booking office, located at 64 High Street, Invergordon IV18 0LN, the staff will advise you where to pick up your coach, which will be nearby.  You just head for the main town street or you can also ask someone or put the address into your satnav on your smart phone.


What if my ship arrives at the Saltburn pier, further away from the main berth?

The Port Authority will provide you with a free minibus to get into the town.  Your free shuttle bus stops at the museum so look for your Thistle guides wearing purple trouser suits or purple Thistle lanyard  If you get lost or cannot find us make your way along the High Street to so our offices at 64 High Street, Invergordon IV18 0LN.  Please allow 30 minutes to get from your ship to your coach.  If you are running late please phone us and we will try and hold the coach for you. However, if you are more than 10 minutes late we will have to leave without you and there will be no refund. (07751 227367 or 01349 852852)

What if I change my mind about the tour?

Refunds are only available if the ship cancels its visit.  If you are ill or miss the ship, your travel insurance company might be able to reimburse you.  However, if you have a serious reason for not taking the Thistle tour which you have prepaid and booked if you cancel more than 4 weeks in advance, we may consider a partial refund, or in full if it is deemed appropriate.  Just email us with an explanation.

Do your tours take disabled passengers or passengers in a wheelchair?

We can take you on the coach, but there are walking parts of some tours and also steps, so we would advise that disabled passengers either wait in the coach and listen to music on that particular part of the tour or they wait inside the venuewe will make you comfortable.  If passenger is in a wheelchair they can place it in the coach luggage hold and we will assist, but they need to be able to walk up onto the coach to take part.  The nature of the tours does mean they are less suitable for disabled passengers, but we will try out best to accommodate you. 


What happens if my cruise ship is cancelled or doesn't arrive on the scheduled day?

We will try to change your tour onto an alternative day when your cruise ship will arrive, however if this is cancelled completely, we will issue you with a full refund.


How do I contact you?

Email us on info@thistleexcursions.co.uk

Telephone us on 0044 7751 227367 (when in port 07751 227367 or 01349 852852)

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