Urquhart Castle, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness & Loch Ness
Urquhart Castle, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness & Loch Ness
Urquhart Castle, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness & Loch Ness

Urquhart Castle, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness and Loch Ness (includes Outlander filming locations)

This tour is specially designed for those who love films, fame, legends and the magic of Scottish history.  

We aim to give you a full day of adventure and enjoyment, making you as comfortable as possible. We hope you will return again and again to visit the Scottish Highlands, as this is all but a taster session, although you will have plenty of time to experience every aspect of the Thistle tour.

Tour vehicle

This tour is usually provided in a luxury 4 or 8 seater vehicle. 

What's included in the price?

Adult £105, Child £95. (includes entrance charge to Urquhart castle.) There is a small optional charge if you also wish to enter the visitor centre at Culloden Battlefield.

Tour timings

Depart around 8.30-9.00am. Returns at least 1 hour before ship departure. The tour lasts from 6-7 hours but can't be shortened to accommodate ship departure times. It can also leave later if your ship docks after 9.  We will have you back in plenty of time for your ship's departure  

Clava Cairns

Visit Clava Cairns - 4,000 year old burial ground of standing stones used for the inspiration in the Outlander book and series. 

Culloden Viaduct

Pass by Culloden viaduct. Built in 1893 for trains and still used to this day. 

Culloden Battlefield

Visit Culloden battlefield, free to roam the battlefield or visit shop and restaurant. Small entry charge if you wish to go right into visitor centre to re-live the battle from 1746. 

Inverness - Castle, shops and the Highland's oldest bar

Arrive Inverness city centre where you might want to visit Inverness Castle’s new viewing gallery. See right across the city. Visit Flora MacDonald’s statue outside the castle and see the shops and cafes in Inverness. Maybe try a local beer in the oldest bar in Inverness, the Gellions, dating back to 1841.  

Loch Ness

Travel beside Loch Ness for 15 miles, stopping for photos of Nessie (if you’re very lucky). 

Urquhart Castle

Visit the ruins of Urquhart castle as well as the video centre. Watch a 6 minute historic video with own language subtitles. Wander down to the ruins or browse the shop or cafe. 

Beauly Priory

Leave the village Drumnadrochit then back to the ship via wild land 1000 feet up a mountain the dropping down into the village of Beauly, passing by the ancient Priory. 

Outlander TV hotspots

Outlander fans will not be disappointed as our tour guides point out all the filming locations of the popular series based on the book by Diana Gabaldon. 

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Prices: Adult - £105, Kids - £95

05 July 2022Norwegian Star08:30Details
05 July 2022Norwegian Star08:30Details
07 July 2022AIDAaura08:30Details
11 July 2022Seven Seas Voyager09:00Details
13 July 2022Star Pride09:00Details
13 July 2022AIDAsol09:00Details
14 July 2022AIDAsol09:00Details
15 July 2022Ambassador Ambience09:00Details
16 July 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
17 July 2022Jewel of the Seas09:00Details
19 July 2022Azaramara Quest09:00Details
20 July 2022Mein Schiff 409:00Details
23 July 2022Fred Olsen Borealis09:00Details
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28 July 2022The World09:00Details
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29 July 2022The World09:00Details
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07 August 2022Oceania Sirena09:00Details
09 August 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
09 August 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
10 August 2022Mein Schiff 309:00Details
11 August 2022Ms Rotterdam09:00Details
12 August 2022World Navigator09:00Details
12 August 2022CMV Vasco da Gama - Nicko09:00Details
13 August 2022Azamara Quest08:30Details
13 August 2022CMV Vasco da Gama09:00Details
14 August 2022Star Legend09:00Details
15 August 2022World Voyager09:00Details
15 August 2022Ocean Odessy09:00Details
16 August 2022World Navigator09:00Details
17 August 2022Crystal Symphony09:00Details
18 August 2022AIDA Bella09:00Details
21 August 2022Fred Olsen Bolette09:00Details
22 August 2022Jewel of the Seas09:00Details
22 August 2022AIDAaura09:00Details
23 August 2022Viking Venus08:30Details
23 August 2022Viking Venus08:30Details
25 August 2022Costa Fortuna09:00Details
26 August 2022Disney Magic08:30Details
27 August 2022Mein Schiff 109:00Details
28 August 2022Le Champlain09:00Details
28 August 2022Mein Schiff 309:00Details
30 August 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
02 September 2022World Explorer09:00Details
03 September 2022Costa Fortuna09:00Details
04 September 2022Ocean Majesty09:00Details
04 September 2022Ambassador Ambience09:00Details
05 September 2022World Explorer09:00Details
05 September 2022Ocean Odessy09:00Details
07 September 2022Mein Schiff 309:00Details
08 September 2022Ms Rotterdam09:00Details
11 September 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
13 September 2022World Voyager09:00Details
14 September 2022Aidasol09:00Details
14 September 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
15 September 2022Ocean Majesty09:00Details
15 September 2022AIDAsol09:00Details
19 September 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
20 September 2022Seven Seas Splendor09:00Details
21 September 2022Inverness pick up09:00Details
24 September 2022Island Princess09:00Details
26 September 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
26 September 2022Emerald Princess16:45Details
27 September 2022Spirit of Discovery09:00Details
01 October 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
05 October 2022AIDAsol09:00Details
06 October 2022AIDAsol09:00Details
09 October 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
01 April 2023Ambassador Ambience09:00Details
06 April 2023Ambassador Ambience09:00Details
12 April 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
18 April 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
05 May 2023Fred Olsen Balmoral09:00Details
07 May 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
10 May 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
10 May 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
16 May 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
16 May 2023Viking Star09:00Details
20 May 2023Viking Neptune09:00Details
27 May 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
28 May 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
05 June 2023Seven Seas Splendour09:00Details
07 June 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
13 June 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
21 June 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
03 July 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
09 July 2023Star Pride09:00Details
11 July 2023Viking Mars09:00Details
11 July 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
15 July 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
27 July 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
28 July 2023Coral Princess09:00Details
28 July 2023Azamara Journey09:00Details
08 August 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
10 August 2023Viking Neptune09:00Details
12 August 2023Viking Jupiter09:00Details
13 August 2023Crystal Symphony09:00Details
14 August 2023MS Europa09:00Details
22 August 2023Azamara Journey09:00Details
27 August 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
30 August 2023Carnival Pride09:00Details
01 September 2023Viking Neptune09:00Details
01 September 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
02 September 2023Island Princess09:00Details
03 September 2023Viking Jupiter09:00Details
06 September 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
08 September 2023MS Europa09:00Details
13 September 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
15 September 2023Seven Seas Splendour09:00Details
17 September 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
18 September 2023Ms Europa09:00Details
25 September 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
27 September 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details

Cannot find your ship or your preferred tour in the booking section? We also offer bespoke tours in smaller vehicles. Just let us know when and how many people and we can go from there. 

We like to say ‘yes’ to your requests so will do our best to accommodate you.  Email: info@thistleexcursions.co.uk.

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