Whisky Galore, Harry Potter’s Black Rock Gorge and Fairytale Castle
Whisky Galore, Harry Potter’s Black Rock Gorge and Fairytale Castle
Whisky Galore, Harry Potter’s Black Rock Gorge and Fairytale Castle

Whisky Galore, Harry Potter’s Black Rock Gorge and Fairytale Castle

What is included in the price?

Adult £95, Child £85 (Price includes entrance to castle and distillery - approx. £25 each).

Tour timings

You depart an hour or so after docking and return at least 1 hour before it sails. 

Luxury transportation

In 4-8 seater luxury vehicles.

Black Rock Gorge

Visit the geological marvel of Black Rock Gorge in Evanton where Harry Potter’s Goblet of Fire was filmed in 2004. See the steep drop of the water rushing through the ravine as you stand on its bridge. 

Dunrobin Castle

Visit and tour round the amazing fairytale castle built in the style of a French chateau, dating back to the 1300’s.  Wander in the grandiose gardens, museum and be wowed by the Falconry display. Entrance price is included in your booking. 

Glenmorangie Distillery

Move onto the famous Glenmorangie Distillery where a full tour and whisky tasting is included in the price you pay. 

Cadboll Stone

Then drive into see the famous Pictish Cadboll stone which dates back to the 8th century.  The symbol is depicted on all the Glenmorangie whisky labels.

Visit a traditional Scottish fishing village

See the sculptures mermaids of the old seaboard fishing village of Hilton. 

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Prices: Adult - £95, Kids - £85

06 August 2020MS Zuiderdam08:30Details
08 August 2020Mein Schiff 309:00Details
13 August 2020MS Nieuw Statendam08:30Details
14 August 2020Seven Seas Navigator09:00Details
15 August 2020P&O Arcadia09:00Details
16 August 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
18 August 2020AIDAvita09:00Details
20 August 2020Viking Jupiter09:00Details
23 August 2020Azaramara Quest09:00Details
24 August 2020AIDAcara09:00Details
25 August 2020Norwegian Star09:00Details
26 August 2020Mein Schiff 309:00Details
26 August 2020Astor09:00Details
27 August 2020CMV Marco Polo09:00Details
27 August 2020MSC Preziosa13:00Details
28 August 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
02 September 2020MS Rotterdam08:30Details
03 September 2020Island Princess09:00Details
07 September 2020Norwegian Star09:00Details
07 September 2020Seabourne Ovation09:00Details
08 September 2020MSC Magellan09:00Details
09 September 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
10 September 2020Ocean Majesty09:00Details
12 September 2020Mein Schiff 309:00Details
14 September 2020Albatros09:00Details
16 September 2020Ms Rotterdam08:30Details
17 September 2020Oceania Sirena09:00Details
19 September 2020Norwegian Star09:00Details
20 September 2020Costa Fortuna09:00Details
21 September 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
01 October 2020Norwegian Star09:00Details
03 October 2020Regal Princess09:00Details
02 April 2021Viking Venus09:30Details
26 April 2021MSC Preziosa08:30Details
30 April 2021AIDAAura10:00Details
08 May 2021Mein Schiff 309:00Details
10 May 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
12 May 2021CMV Columbus09:00Details
16 May 2021Albatros10:00Details
17 May 2021MSC Preziosa08:30Details
19 May 2021Norwegian Jade09:00Details
20 May 2021Norwegian Star09:00Details
22 May 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
23 May 2021Queen Victoria09:00Details
24 May 2021Mein Schiff 309:00Details
27 May 2021AIDABella08:30Details
28 May 2021Mein Schiff 309:00Details
01 June 2021CMV Marco Polo08:30Details
02 June 2021AIDAAura08:30Details
03 June 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
09 June 2021Norwegian Jade08:30Details
15 June 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
16 June 2021MS Veendam08:30Details
23 June 2021Mein Schiff 309:00Details
26 June 2021Mein Schiff 609:00Details
27 June 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
28 June 2021Carnival Legend08:30Details
30 June 2021MS Europa 209:00Details
01 July 2021AIDAAura08:30Details
07 July 2021MS Nieuw Statendam08:30Details
08 July 2021AIDABellla08:30Details
09 July 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
12 July 2021AIDAAura08:30Details
14 July 2021CMV Amy Johnson08:30Details
15 July 2021MSC Preziosa08:30Details
20 July 2021Azamara Journey10:00Details
21 July 2021Crown Princess06:30Details
23 July 2021Queen Victoria08:30Details
24 July 2021Island Princess09:00Details
26 July 2021Arcadia08:30Details
27 July 2021Mein Schiff 308:30Details
29 July 2021Viking Venus08:30Details
31 July 2021Mein Schiff 309:00Details
02 August 2021AIDAAura08:30Details
05 August 2021Island Princess08:30Details
06 August 2021MS Veendam08:30Details
08 August 2021Celebrity Reflection09:00Details
09 August 2021Carnival Legend08:30Details
15 August 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
18 August 2021AIDABella09:00Details
20 August 2021Viking Venus08:30Details
23 August 2021AIDAAura08:30Details
24 August 2021Artania09:00Details
25 August 2021Viking Sun08:30Details
27 August 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
03 September 2021Amadea08:30Details
04 September 2021Mein Schiff 309:00Details
07 September 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
14 September 2021Mein Schiff 309:00Details
15 September 2021Seabourn Sojourn08:30Details
16 September 2021Viking Sun08:30Details
19 September 2021Crown Princess08:30Details
20 September 2021Norwegian Jade08:30Details
22 September 2021Island Princess08:30Details
27 September 2021Norwegian Jade08:30Details
01 October 2021Crown Princess08:30Details

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