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Outlander – Jamie and Claire

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Maxine Smith, from Invergordon, the owner of Thistle Excursions, says, “For those of you who choose to go on our Tour 2, Outlander, Culloden Battlefield, Inverness, and Loch Ness, you will be steeped not only in Highland history but embedded in the stories of the episodes of Outlander.  At all of our locations Claire or Jamie Fraser had a memorable experience and we hope that you will too.

There is currently an interesting debate about whether or not Jamie opposed slavery in the 2018 episodes of his own accord or was talked into the opposition by his wife Claire, after her 20th century life experiences.  But do not look very far to remember the life Jamie had whilst apart from Claire for 20 years.  He was embroiled in the slavery market himself, being exported to the Colonies.   He was also a servant whilst on parole prior to this, so he is no stranger to what it means to be at the unpaid service of others.  It should come as no surprise that he is as passionate about the anti-slavery campaign as his wife Claire when they find themselves making a life in America. 

Maxine continues, “We must also remember Jamie was around during the Highland clearances when men and women and children were driven from the uplands, especially Sutherland, at the behest of the English King, to be replaced by sheep.  Jamie would be well aware of the meaning of destitution and he would have felt empathy with the black slaves. Today there stands a monument to the Duke of Sutherland, which the locals still take issue with.  In subsequent years Thistle Excursions will run a tour to the north for our passengers to discover the rolling hills of Sutherland and try gold panning in the River Kildonan, at Helmsdale.  From the port of Invergordon it is only a 45 minute drive.  Watch this space for your future cruises to Invergordon


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