Cawdor Castle, Urquhart Castle, Inverness Castle, Castle Stuart, Kilravock Castle & Loch Ness Tour
Cawdor Castle, Urquhart Castle, Inverness Castle, Castle Stuart, Kilravock Castle & Loch Ness Tour
Cawdor Castle, Urquhart Castle, Inverness Castle, Castle Stuart, Kilravock Castle & Loch Ness Tour

Scottish Castles & Loch Ness Tour

What's included in the price?

Adult £155  Child £135. Both prices include entrance fees to 3 castles (approx £35 each).

Tour timings

Departs 8.30am. Returns at least 1 hour before ship leaves.  Lasts 7-8 hours. 

Which Scottish castles are included on this tour?

The tour includes visits inside and out for over 1 hour to Cawdor Castle, Urquhart Castle and Inverness Castle. It also visits to photograph Castle Stuart, Kilravock Castle (and if time allows Castle Leod - if ship departs after 1800 hours). This tour also visits Inverness city and Loch Ness

What sort of vehicle is this tour taken on?

This tour is exclusively taken in luxury 4 or 8 seater vehicles, with your own driver guide. 

Tour timings

It departs at 8.30am and returns at least 1 hour before your ship departure. 

Please note - some castle are photography opportunity only

The following three castles are part of the tour for photographing only, no inside visits are possible; Castle Stuart, Kilravock Castle and if time allows Castle Leod.

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Prices: Adult - £155, Kids - £135

21 April 2022Fred Olsen Balmoral09:00Details
25 April 2022MSC Magnifica09:00Details
13 May 2022Mein Schiff 309:00Details
16 May 2022MSC Magnifica09:00Details
21 May 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
24 May 2022Seven Seas Splendor09:00Details
25 May 2022Norwegian Star09:00Details
27 May 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
29 May 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
07 June 2022MSC Magnifica09:00Details
14 June 2022Fred Olsen Borealis09:00Details
15 June 2022Norwegian Star09:00Details
17 June 2022Jewel of the Seas09:00Details
22 June 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
23 June 2022Costa Fortuna09:00Details
25 June 2022Mein Schiff 409:00Details
01 July 2022ms Volendam09:00Details
03 July 2022MS Nieuw Statendam09:00Details
04 July 2022Viking Venus09:00Details
05 July 2022Norwegian Star09:00Details
06 July 2022MSC Magnifica09:00Details
07 July 2022AIDAaura09:00Details
11 July 2022AIDAaura09:00Details
11 July 2022Seven Seas Voyager09:00Details
13 July 2022Star Pride09:00Details
16 July 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
19 July 2022Azaramara Quest09:00Details
20 July 2022Mein Schiff 409:00Details
23 July 2022Fred Olsen Borealis09:00Details
25 July 2022Mein Schiff 309:00Details
26 July 2022Amera10:00Details
26 July 2022Island Princess10:00Details
29 July 2022MSC Magnifica09:00Details
01 August 2022Viking Venus09:00Details
01 August 2022AIDAAura09:00Details
06 August 2022Mein Schiff 309:00Details
07 August 2022Island Princess09:00Details
09 August 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
09 August 2022Seven Seas Navigator09:00Details
10 August 2022Mein Schiff 309:00Details
11 August 2022Ms Rotterdam09:00Details
12 August 2022CMV Vasco da Gama - Nicko09:00Details
13 August 2022Azamara Quest09:00Details
14 August 2022Star Legend09:00Details
15 August 2022World Voyager09:00Details
17 August 2022Crystal Symphony09:00Details
18 August 2022AIDA Bella09:00Details
21 August 2022Fred Olsen Bolette09:00Details
21 August 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
22 August 2022AIDAaura09:00Details
23 August 2022Amera09:00Details
23 August 2022Viking Venus09:00Details
25 August 2022Fred Olsen Balmoral09:00Details
25 August 2022ms Volendam09:00Details
25 August 2022Costa Fortuna09:00Details
27 August 2022Mein Schiff 109:00Details
28 August 2022Mein Schiff 309:00Details
30 August 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
02 September 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
03 September 2022Costa Fortuna09:00Details
07 September 2022Mein Schiff 309:00Details
08 September 2022Ms Rotterdam09:00Details
11 September 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
14 September 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
19 September 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
20 September 2022Seven Seas Splendor09:00Details
24 September 2022Island Princess09:00Details
24 September 2022Viking Mars09:00Details
26 September 2022Emerald Princess09:00Details
01 October 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
09 October 2022Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
01 April 2023Ambassador Ambience09:00Details
06 April 2023Ambassador Ambience09:00Details
12 April 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
18 April 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
05 May 2023Fred Olsen Balmoral09:00Details
07 May 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
10 May 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
10 May 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
16 May 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
16 May 2023Viking Star09:00Details
20 May 2023Viking Neptune09:00Details
27 May 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
28 May 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
05 June 2023Seven Seas Splendour09:00Details
07 June 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
13 June 2023Viking Venus09:00Details
21 June 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
03 July 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
09 July 2023Star Pride09:00Details
11 July 2023Viking Mars09:00Details
15 July 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
27 July 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
28 July 2023Coral Princess09:00Details
28 July 2023Azamara Journey09:00Details
08 August 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
10 August 2023Viking Neptune09:00Details
12 August 2023Viking Jupiter09:00Details
13 August 2023Crystal Symphony09:00Details
14 August 2023MS Europa09:00Details
22 August 2023Azamara Journey09:00Details
27 August 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
30 August 2023Carnival Pride09:00Details
01 September 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
01 September 2023Viking Neptune09:00Details
02 September 2023Island Princess09:00Details
03 September 2023Viking Jupiter09:00Details
06 September 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
08 September 2023MS Europa09:00Details
13 September 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
15 September 2023Seven Seas Splendour09:00Details
17 September 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
18 September 2023Ms Europa09:00Details
25 September 2023Emerald Princess09:00Details
27 September 2023Norwegian Dawn09:00Details
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