Glenmorangie Distillery

Glenmorangie History

Please check your tour as on some tours entry to the distillery is included and on others it is just a photo opportunity. You may email if you are not sure.

Glenmorangie means “valley of tranquillity” in Gaelic.  After being inspired by the peaceful surroundings of the Dornoch Firth, William Matheson in 1843 had the idea for a new single malt whisky.  The Glenmorangie single malt is exceptionally smooth and the distillery constantly strives to make it even better.  It’s pure, smooth spirit is distilled in what are Scotland’s tallest stills, matured in finest casks and perfected by he “Men of Tain”.  In the hands of these craftsmen the unique methods have been passed down through the generations. These are the guardians of the spirit and the Glenmorangie single malt continues to delight whisky lovers all over the world.

The Distilling Process

See the distilling process with your own eyes – the brightly coloured tall stills the height of a giraffe, the casks made from different wood, to produce different finishes, selected from hand crafted American oak.  This distillery pioneered the idea of extra-maturation, now used through the whisky industry.  Today their acclaimed director of distilling, Bill Lumsden continues to challenge the bounds of possibility, as he and his team seek to bring evermore wondrous whiskies to the world.

Glenmorangie Whisky

Each taste of a Glenmorangie single malt recalls the quiet hillside glen where the pure spring water emerges; it celebrates the spirit’s unhurried, uncompromising journey to maturity. Try it for yourself by purchasing a bottle of whichever type you prefer in the whisky shop after the tour or just enjoy a dram in the tasting room – free of charge.  After the tour of the distillery is over or you might also wish to wander down to see the tranquil waters of the Dornoch Firth for yourself, to enjoy what inspired this whisky all those years ago.

Glenmorangie Accessibility

There are several steps in this tour, so it is not advised for those less able to walk, however they may be transported to the whisky tasting room and wait until the tour is finished to be joined by the rest of the group.

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